Improve You Bowling Skills

Bowling is a very popular indoor sporting activity. There exist a myriad of leagues and competitions for dexterous bowlers to demonstrate their expertise. When a bowler knocks down all the pins, it is called a ‘strike’. If all the pins are knocked down on the second try, it is termed as a ‘spare’.

How to Bowl
The first step is to observe the actions and techniques used by other bowlers. Each one of them has a different style, which enables them to come up with differing results. One should try to correlate between the styles and results, and analyze and find out what works and what doesn’t.
One of the most crucial aspects of bowling is the stance. The person must stand nearly one and a half meters away from the foul line, facing the pins directly and in a straight line. The ball must be held at waist height.
From among the seven pins, the middle one should never be aimed at. Instead, right-handed bowlers must aim for the right arrow, and left-handed people for the left arrow. The following procedure is for right-handed bowlers. Left-handed bowlers can use the same by simply replacing right with